Saturday, March 31, 2012

16 miles on the marathon course

Today was a 16 mile run.  We drove up the canyon so we could run on the marathon course.  13 of our 16 miles today were on the marathon course.  There are a couple of uphills on the course and the more I run them the more mentally strong I will be on race day.  

The run felt good. I took a GU at mile 7 and then again at mile 12.  I drank about 16 oz of water during the run and then a Gatorade when I got home.  And I haven't had any cramping at all today.  Hooray!!  Also, I wore my new pink compression socks today and honestly my legs feel pretty darn good right now.  Maybe they really do work.

For recovery I took a 10 minute ice bath and drank my usual chocolate milk recovery drink.  

I am way excited that my average pace (even with walking while I took my GU) was 8:30.  Most of the run was a gradual downhill which helps but it is very exciting to be running that pace.  (ignore the current pace - I was standing in my bathroom after the run).  

P.S. This month I ran 170 miles!!  And I'm already at 456 miles for the year.  

P.S.S. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Garmin 305.  I hope it never breaks because I don't want to change.  

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