Monday, March 26, 2012

Compression Socks?

Lately I've seen a lot of distance runners in compression socks.  I bought a pair last year for Ragnar and thought with all the miles I'm putting in right now I should pull them back out.  So this morning on our 10 miler I wore mine.  They felt fine and so far my legs aren't too tired - but I feel like 10 miles is where my base is right now so I'm not sure it would matter or not.

I'm going to keep wearing them for the next few weeks of training to see how I feel in them.

I *might* have bought 2 more pair last week because they were pink and on sale so I sure hope they help!!

Today:  10 miles
Tomorrow: spin & lift

Do you wear compression socks?  Do you notice a difference?

P.S.  this picture was taken last year on a road trip to California after a triple run day.  I'm sure I looked crazy but my legs felt fine after a long day sitting in the car.

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