Friday, March 9, 2012

How do I measure up?

I like these fitness tips so when I saw them I thought I'd share them.  

Let's see how well I do these?

Start Running:  Yes. I run 4 days a week.  

Drink more water: Yes. I drink a good amount of water (and diet coke...oops). 

Log what you eat: Sometimes. Only when I'm trying to lose weight - I should do this more so I can be sure I'm fueling my body right

Never skip breakfast: Yes.  I have a protein shake every morning.

Exercise with a friend:  YES!  This is the only way to exercise.  I have a great group of girls that I exercise with.  Love them!

Eat more veggies:  Sometimes.  I love veggies when they are fresh out of the garden so if summer and fall would get here I could for sure say yes to this one.

Set goals & rewards:  Yes.  I am pretty much always signed up for a race and I LOVE to reward myself.

Weigh yourself weekly:  Yes.  Friday is my weigh in day.  

Enjoy cheat days:  Yes, Yes, Yes.  However, maybe I should have a few less of these.

Have fun & stay positive: Yes.  This isn't usually an issue with me.  I love working out!

P.S.  Today's workout was an 8.5 mile run and tomorrow is our long run of 12 miles.

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