Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why I'm not running Boston 2015

This has been such a hard decision for me.  I worked so hard to re-qualify and loved every minute of Boston in 2013.  So why did I decide not to run it this year.  I registered, paid and got in just fine.  I know I could physically do it if I wanted to (even post surgery).  But I don't want to taint the memory I have of Boston by running it again.  It sounds weird but I had the most amazing time running it with family and friends and the thought of going out alone and running it alone doesn't sound appealing at all to me.  So I have decided to just let this one go.  I love everything about the Boston Marathon and I most likely will never run it again and I'm ok with that.  I did it and loved it and then qualified again and now I am going to rest, recover and save my money instead of going out there in 6 weeks.