Monday, April 2, 2012

A very windy run

I slept in this morning so I had to run my 10 miler after work by myself.  It was soooooo windy!!  I mean seriously can you see my hair blowing?  

I hated the wind.  It made it hard to decide if I was hot or cold because it was too hot out to stay in my long sleeve shirt but the wind would pick up and it was a really cold wind.  UGH.  It also made my pace all over the place.  When I had a headwind I was dying then when I would turn I felt strong cause it was pushing my back.  Then it would come in from the side and my hair was everywhere - it even blew the bobby pin out of my hair! 

I will say that I am very glad I wore my glasses instead of a hat because the dust was really bad today.  

Tomorrow: spin and lift
Wednesday: tempo run (10 miles w/6 at tempo)

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