Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why I'm not running Boston 2015

This has been such a hard decision for me.  I worked so hard to re-qualify and loved every minute of Boston in 2013.  So why did I decide not to run it this year.  I registered, paid and got in just fine.  I know I could physically do it if I wanted to (even post surgery).  But I don't want to taint the memory I have of Boston by running it again.  It sounds weird but I had the most amazing time running it with family and friends and the thought of going out alone and running it alone doesn't sound appealing at all to me.  So I have decided to just let this one go.  I love everything about the Boston Marathon and I most likely will never run it again and I'm ok with that.  I did it and loved it and then qualified again and now I am going to rest, recover and save my money instead of going out there in 6 weeks. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Surf City Half Marathon Race Recap

I haven't done a race since the Snow Canyon half in Nov. 2013.  Not one race last year.  Crazy.  I wasn't sure what goals to set for this race or really what to expect at all.  I wanted to finish the race and that was all I was willing to say about it.  But really that's not me at all - I need goals.  I finished under 2:00 hours and am happy about that.  And now I am totally motivated to run more.  Apparently, running one day a week isn't great training for feeling good while racing.  The main thing that I am struggling with the most these days in all my workouts is my mental edge.  I am so not mentally strong right now and that needs to end.  One thing I've always been good at is pushing through things and staying tough.  Right now instead I seem to find every excuse in the book for why I can't do things instead of just powering through it. 

The race was so much fun and so pretty.  But, it was a little hot and muggy for me (I got chaffed so bad - maybe my worst ever).   At one point when I was starting to go to the ugly place in my head (around 9.5 miles) I looked over and the waves were coming in and the beach was just beautiful.  Right then Happy came on my iPod and I remembered how awesome it is that I can run and how beautiful this earth is.  I wore my back brace for extra support and it was driving me crazy - luckily I saw Laurie and Suzette at mile 12 so I took it off and threw it at them.  Poor girls had to pick that nasty sweaty thing up but it made my last mile so much more enjoyable :)

A few things I loved about this race:  no busing to the start.  We just headed over to the start at 7:30 and ran.  It was so well organized with 20,000 runners that can't be easy to do.  The scenery was amazing.  Plenty of porta-potties and water stations with amazing volunteers.  Cute surfboard medals.  The expo was 3 days long and had lots of great vendors.  Shirts are cute and fit right.  Did I mention how pretty it was?

 Post race smiles

This cute gal Nana is 81 years old and set a course record for her age group. 
She ran it in like 2:10 is was so awesome!!

Best support team around

After the race we did a quick epson salt/ice bath. 
I mean we frolicked in the ocean :)


Friday, January 2, 2015

Goodbye 2014 .... Bring on 2015

My goals for 2014:
1.  Run 1200 miles
2.  Do 2 unassisted pull-ups
3. Compete in a new event (anything I haven't done before - distance or type) 

I'm ready to say goodbye to 2014.  It wasn't a great year for me with running.  Actually it was probably my worst year ever.  Here is how my goals ended up.

1.  I ran 525.64 miles - not even half of my original goal.  I had so many months of 0 miles and am still only running 2-3 days a week. 

2.  I got my pull-ups this year and even did a workout where I did like 60 pull-ups total.  AND I got a strict pull-up down too.  This was all back in the spring before my surgery and now I am back to being able to barely do 1.  Oh well. 

(Valentine's day right when I first got my pull-ups - 
not pretty but I got my chin over the bar...barely)

3.  I competed in the Crossfit Open this year.  It was a whole new ball game for me.  It was a 5 week long competition with 1 workout each week.  There were some serious high's and low's for me during this.  But I'm glad I did it.

Now onto 2015.  I have no idea what goals to set for this year.  I am still struggling to get back into a routine with working out and don't want to push my body too hard until I am fully recovered.  But it would be weird to not set any goals so here are my 3 fitness goals:

1.  Do a body weight back squat by June
2.  Run 750 miles

It is time I get a routine back too.  My plan is to do crossfit 5 days a week.  Do 2 short-tempo runs and 1 long run a week and 1 rowing workout a week.  This should keep me from running too many miles but help me get back in shape. I want to be in half-marathon shape at all times.