Saturday, March 3, 2012

18 miler recap

Today was an 18 miler.  I haven't run this far since 2009 so I was stressing a bit but it ended up being great.  At mile 13 we stopped for a minute to GU and this cute old man ran by so we asked him how old he was.  75!  What a stud.   He said "some people run for time, some for distance, I just run to stay alive".  We only chatted with him for a few minutes but it was inspirational seeing him out there running.  I want to be an old lady out with the running girls hitting the trail for a "stay alive" run.  When we were leaving him he said "if you want to be real runners you should get really good shoes"  his son apparently designed some cool barefoot type shoes. I'll have to check them out.  Personally I consider myself a real runner - I mean I did put in 41 miles this week.  But I guess from his point of view I haven't made it yet :)

Details of the run:
We did a different route than normal which was a great way to break it up.  The run was a 9 mile out and back on the Provo River Trail.  There were a few icy spots but for the most part it was great.  I loved not fighting cars and stop lights during the run.  

I did a gu at mile 7.5 and a roctane with caffeine at mile 13.  Drank 15 oz of water and 10 oz of Gatorade. My body felt good and no cramps so far post run.  YIPPEE!!! The way out was a slight uphill and we did a negative split coming back.  Average pace overall was 8:40 (at the half way turn around I had 8:49 on my Garmin so we made up some good time).  It was cold (25 degrees) but we went a little later than normal (7:30 am) so at least it wasn't dark out.  I love the feeling that the last 4 miles were my fastest miles.  I was dead on my feet the last mile but I plugged both ears into my music turned it up and told myself over and over that I can do anything for a mile. 

For recovery I did a 10 minute ice bath (I hate them so much but I swear by them on helping me feel better), took 2 Aleve, drank a Winder Farms recovery chocolate milk, rolled and stretched.  So far I'm exhausted but not dying every step I take. 

Total miles this week: 41

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