Monday, April 29, 2013

Pink 5K - a new PR

Saturday I ran the Pink Series 5K with these awesome girls.  This was also my first emissary race which was a blast.  It was seriously such a fun run.  I can't think of the last 5K I've done - and at first I was a little bugged that I was only going to be running 3.1 miles but after I was finished and nothing on my body hurt I decided it's a great distance and I like being done so fast!  For this race you get bused up to the start and then you come down some very steep hills - it is a FAST course.  I killed my previous 5K PR (23.29) and finished in 21:13.  I haven't run a sub 7:00 since high school and it felt great to run that fast. 


Laurie took this fun PINK picture (I'm the n)
in my shadow I've got some serious booty going on :)

Today's workout: 7 mile hill run - it's Ragnar training time so we will be doing hill workouts on Mondays now.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Race Season is here

Race season is officially here.  I have my second race in April tomorrow - the Pink Series 5K.  Since I just don't feel right about only running 3.1 miles on a Saturday we did 10.5 miles this morning.  It should be a really fun race with all girls and my first official Emissary run. 

My next race is the Utah Valley half marathon and then Ragnar is just a few weeks after that.  I'm also doing a 10K in July, the pink half marathon in October and snow canyon half in November.  And just for fun I registered for the St George marathon again.  It's a lottery so I don't know if I'll get in but I will know by mid May.  It should be a fun and busy year!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Boston - After

It's time that I put my thoughts in writing.  I've talked about the event now for over a week non-stop.  Everyone wants to know where I was and how I felt then and how I feel now.  So I'll start from the last part of my race.

 As I came down Boylston I was so excited to see my friends and the finish line.  Nothing feels as good as crossing the finish line after putting in that much effort.  Since I wore bright pink capri's I was easy to spot (plus they knew when to expect me thanks to at&t's awesome tracking app).  I could hear them cheering from the corner so I snapped a pic of them (look for the stripes on the corner).  They were a few blocks before the finish line.  Look at all the people lining the streets - total excitement and total mayhem.  Finding your runner at the end of the race is really hard because it is just so packed. 

After the finish line you go right into the finishers area.  Again it is huge and packed with runners - once we are covered in our warm blankets we all look exactly the same too.  The volunteers take great care of you and just keep funneling you through to the end.  Sarah kept mooing since we felt like cattle.  I lost track of time and what was going on and just kept putting one foot in front of the other drinking my water and trying not to fall over.

At the very end of the chute the buses are lined up and you pick up your bags.  Sherry met me inside and got my bag for me.  The girls were all right outside of the bus and somehow finding each other wasn't really a task at all.  They helped me get out of my wet clothes and into something warm and then minutes after we took this picture the first bomb went off. It sounded like a cannon going off to us and since we were in Boston on a huge holiday and had no idea of what time of the day it really was at this point I didn't really think much of it until the second blast went off.  This is when the sirens started and police ran past us and we heard them say there had been an explosion.

We knew our families would be afraid so started sending texts to let our hubbies know we were safe and together.  None of them had any idea what we were talking about because the news hadn't caught up yet.  My phone was dead so Jill was texting Todd for me until I could get back to the hotel and charge my phone.  The subway was closed down so we walked about a mile back to the hotel. Once we got to the hotel and turned on the news we saw so much more about what was going on.  When I plugged in my phone I had almost 30 text messages and tons of facebook messages.

Watching the coverage changed things quite a bit and it all became more surreal.  I kept seeing this picture that showed 4:09 on the clock and it took me a while to figure out how that was possible since the clock when I crossed said 4:02.  Was I really only 7 minutes past?  As I've looked back they must have changed the clock from the 10:20 start time to the 10:40 wave which would mean 27 minutes past my finish.  Still a little close for comfort


Sarah's husband took this picture of us as we were coming to the finish line.  He is standing right where the first bomb went off. 

Then he posted this picture that was on the news - he is in the black visor.  WAY TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT!

I'm not a "what if" girl.  It causes extra stress and it doesn't help me deal at all.  So I haven't spent anytime dwelling on what if situations.  I am so grateful that everyone I was at the race with was next to me or back at the hotel and that I knew where they were when the bombs went off.  I am so glad that I finished before the bombs went off so that I didn't have friends and family worried about my safety.  I hate what happened and I hate that someone would hurt innocent people.  I want to help and be apart of helping those affected.  And more than anything I want to keep running and go back to Boston because I love that city more than ever.  They are strong amazing people and I have no doubt that they will bounce back stronger than ever.

Friday, April 19, 2013

My Boston Gear

I picked up a few things for the little ones while in Boston.  My favorite item has to be the shirts I got Luke and Sophie.  Sophie LOVES her "running mom shirt" - and keeps walking around saying "in your face".  P.S - Sophie is a crazy girl and my kids hair looks awesome after not having me around to comb it for 5 days :)

I got this awesome jacket at the expo and I LOVE it!

 Brand new Kinvara 4's
(you can't even buy these babies yet)

 And I bought this shirt (but the ladies version in yellow) to help support


I am proud to be a part of the Boston family and will wear my gear with pride.  Nothing will ever make me forget what happened on Monday - but this gear will show my support and love for the Boston Marathon. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon - Before

I wanted to do a full write up of my feelings of the Boston Marathon before the bombs went off.  I'll post another one on that subject later.  But I want to remember the marathon for what it was to me during the race and how it was for me.  I worked so hard to get to this race and refuse to let that be taken away. 

Boston truly is a race unlike any other.  I haven't done that many marathons - this was my 4th but the way the city rallies around the race and those running is amazing.  Everyone I talked to in Boston was happy for me and excited that I was here running. 

We headed for Boston Commons at 6:20 to catch the bus and head up to Athlete's village.  I am amazed at how many people were running this race. 

Me, Jen, Sherry and Danny on the bus

Athlete's village.
There were 3 huge sections with tents, food, first aid, water, & lots and lots of porta potties

My little brother Danny and I before he headed off to run with wave 1.  

Thanks Delta for keeping me warm at the start of the race :)

Running the race with my sister and brother was awesome.  This was pretty much the last time I saw them since they are both very speedy but knowing we were all there was so much fun.

I ran in wave 2 corral 9. 
You leave athlete's village when it's time to head over for your wave start and walk 0.7 mile to the starting line.  There wasn't a gun that went off or anything by my wave and corral.  We just made our way to the front until it was time to start running.  Then we crossed the pad and the marathon started.

I ran the whole race with my friend Sarah

For several miles I could hear people cheering my name and when I looked around I found a friend with my same name.  I loved running with Kathy and we even texted each other after the race to make sure all was well.  I loved how friendly every single runner was and the new friends I made.

 Just running along the course having a good time.  Look at the side lines just packed with people - it was like that for 26.2 miles. 

At the top of heartbreak hill (which really was heartbreaking).  I loved the crowds on the hill - they were so loud and fun.  Boston College knows how to party.

It was a happy time when I saw the Citgo sign.  

Powering thru to the finish line

 Hooray we did it!!  I am now an official Boston Marathon Finisher!!!
I finished in 3:56 - not my best nor my worst time.  But very happy with everything about this race and being a part of something so amazing.

Sarah was smarter than me and had her name on her shirt - if you ever run this race put your name on your shirt big and bright.  You won't regret it!!

My amazing cheer leaders!

My inspiration and I after the race.  I would never have run Boston without her.  I've talked about my big sister so many times on this blog and she really is the reason I started running, set my goal, made my goal and did this race.  Thanks Sherry!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Favorite Housewives

I know I've said it before but I really do have the best running group in the whole world.  Be very jealous. These girls are the very best kind of friends.  Last night we had a Ragnar planning meeting (or so we tell our husbands).  Really we do a small amount of team business and a huge amount of hanging out.  We did pick our new team shirts last night and I am VERY excited about 2013's finish line outfit.  When they come I will for sure post a pic ... we are gonna be too cute!

So last night the girls gave me the sweetest note and gift for Boston.  I might have been a bit overwhelmed when they gave me this and I might have cried a few happy tears.  Now when I'm running in these stud earrings I will have all my housewives right there with me.  Thanks girls you are the best!!

In case you haven't ever seen my AMAZING housewives team.
This is our official 2012 team shot

Monday, April 8, 2013

Perfect Running Temp

Today it's cold and rainy in Provo so this morning I ran 5.5 miles on the treadmill and did my 360 fit class.  It's so fun having a low mileage taper week and letting my body just relax.  I am 1 week away from the race and as of right now the weather in Boston looks like it will PERFECT!!

I am ridiculously excited (think of a kid before Christmas) about the marathon.  If the weather really is in the 50's that will be icing on my cake!  It's my very favorite temp to run in.  Now I need to start thinking about what I'm going to wear.  Capris or skirt????

Today's 360 fit WOD:  5 wall walks, 10 box jumps, 15 pull-ups - 15 min AMRAP (I completed 5 sets and used a red & blue band for pull-ups)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Boston Playlist

In one week I will be in Boston.  I don't run with music very often since most runs I just chat with the girls.  But since I will be running Boston solo I need good music.  I love fast tempo top 40 music.  And I really love songs that remind me of people.  So if you tell me your favorite song when it comes on my playlist I'll think of you and it will help me pass the time. 

So send me lots of good song ideas please! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sleeping In

I am loving spring break.  It means I don't have to rush home from the gym to get my kiddos off to school.  Today I got to sleep in until 5:35 am!!  I hit the 6:00 am crossfit class then did a tempo run on the treadmill.  I didn't have to split my run into half before and half after my crossfit class and I didn't get home until almost 8:00.  

360 Fit WOD: AMRAP: push-ups, kettle bell swings (35 lbs), sit-ups, gobbler squats (35 lbs).  We did low rep scoring and I got 10-9-10-7 for a total of 36.  

Tempo Run:  6 miles total with 4 @ 7:30 pace
 This picture is from Monday's workout.  
Why do I look so happy doing a burpee boxjump...what is wrong with me!?!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Mary Poppins Gym Bag

I take this bag to the gym with me every time I go.  It's small and I can hang it on the side of the treadmill so I have quick access to it.  It is filled with all my gym necessities and then some.

Here is what I have inside my little bag: a towel (isn't it so cute - my friend made it for me last year before the UV marathon), my jump rope, chalk (in the blue tupperware), tape, chapstick, advil, body glide, my nano, extra headphones, fuel and drink mixes.  So if you every need anything at the gym I've got you covered :)

What else should I have with me?

Today's Workout:  taught spin 45 minutes, cycled for an extra 30 minutes then did crossfit.  The WOD today was crazy.  15 pull-ups, 15 dumbell rows, 10 push press and 5 hand stand push-ups.  5 rounds for time.  I did my hand stand push-ups using bands upside down from the bar.  It was crazy!

Monday, April 1, 2013

I didn't recognize you...

This weekend at the gym there was a 360 fit competition.  I had no desire or the ability to compete in it but I really wanted to go watch. So for date night Friday I headed over to the gym with T and the hubby.  I had no idea just how bad I look when I go to the gym until I showed up in my makeup with my hair all prettied up.  One guy who goes to the 6:00 am class with me didn't even recognize me, another girl said "oh ... you're pretty" and the front desk guys said "you clean up well".  Ha ha ha.  I was dying.  Lucky for me it's not worth waking up any earlier than I already do to get all gussied up.  

Workout me vs. Done up me

I didn't get to go and just watch and cheer on friends we all got pulled in to judge.  I got to judge this guy and he was a machine.  He actually took home the prize for top overall male.  He was amazing!!

On Saturday I ran my last long run - 16 miles.  Now I start tapering. Today was crossfit and an easy 6 mile run.