Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Group Run

 We had our first big Saturday group run.  I love group runs!!  6 of us started up at the top of South Fork and did 14 miles down to Magleby's for breakfast.  It was fun as we got down the canyon to run into the other girls out doing their runs too.  I loved seeing their smiling faces on the trail! 

Then we had our "meeting" over breakfast and took a picture with 10 of the 12 from our Ragnar team! 
The run itself wasn't my best run.  I felt good until about mile 12 then had to force myself to get through the last 2 miles.  I took a gu (peanut butter - it was a delicious surprise!) at mile 8.5 and a caffeine pill (blu-2-go 35 mg).  Both of them were from my free stash from my parents.  Hooray for good free stuff! I dressed too warm but I was stressing about the temp up the canyon.  My fleece was too hot and I wish I hadn't worn full tights.  I felt great for the first 2-3 miles and then was too hot the last 11-12 miles.  UGH.  Oh well lesson learned.  Overall it was a good run and a great morning with friends.  I love our Ragnar "meetings".  I have the best group of running girls around.  Love them!

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