Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Spin Room

Today was a spin/lift day.  For my spin workout we did endurance intervals.

The workout:
Warm up - 5 min (light tension)

Power Intervals
     2 on 1 off - 5 x's

Pyramid Intervals
     Easy Flat - Fast Flat - Hill Sprint
     30 s. each/ 30 s. each/ 1 m. each/ 2 m. each

Standing Run on bike

Tempo Hill
     Start @ 60% tension with the tempo of the music and tap it up every minute keeping at the same tempo (7 minutes total)

Last night I got a text with a picture of the spin room at the gym Todd works out at in DC so I thought I'd snap a shot of my spin room this morning for him.  Look at all those bikes just waiting to be ridden at 5:30 in the morning :)

Yesterday we did the usual 10 miler.  It snowed all night but looking out my window there was only snow on the grass and none on the street so we opted to still run outside.  After the 1st mile of our loop (which took us north towards the canyon) we were in 4-6 inches of snow until we came back the last mile.  UGH.  It made for some slow going miles and very wet/cold feet (thank goodness for my smartwool socks).  It was the slowest I've run in years but at least I got miles in outside instead of being on the treadmill. 

Yesterday I hit 102 miles for the month of March and I still have almost 2 full weeks left!

Tomorrow's workout:  TEMPO RUN 10 miles total w/6 @ 8:04 pace

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