Friday, May 31, 2013

Triple Run

Yesterday was a triple run day on the training -  5/5/5 and it was the last day of school so scheduling was a bit of a nightmare for people. I only managed to get a picture on 1 out of 3....not bad! For our 6:00 am run there were 5 of us.  Then our 4:30 pm run there were 6 of us and our last run at 9:30 pm there were 5 again but I had something hold me up and didn't even start running until after 10:00 so it ended up being a group of 3 and then just 2 of us.  The funny part is that each of my runs my pace got faster instead of slower.  Part of it was the fact that I was tired and it was dark and we just wanted to be done by the end.

One thing I love about Ragnar training is how varied the training is.  It's a great combination of hills, running different times of the day, long runs and multiple runs in a day.  I love how it challenges my body and that it keeps me on my toes with what's next.  And most of all I love that my team has fun training together.  I really do have a pretty awesome group of running friends.

Yesterday I was reading online and I found this article: Run your best doubles in Runners World. Talk about some crazy doubles training.  I am very interested in how it relates to marathon training.  This is what the article says about that.

Add Doubles to 26.2 Training Another version of the double has marathoners combining two long sessions on a single day, building endurance without incurring the fatigue of a single long marathon-pace run—what Ryan Hall's new coach, Renato Canova, calls "special blocks." For an elite marathoner, the morning session might include six miles at half-marathon pace, and the afternoon session would be 5 x 2000 meters at 10-K pace. As you get stronger, add an extended warmup of up to seven miles before each session. Do it once a month during your marathon buildup, in place of that week's long run.

Interesting.  I think I'll try it with my St George training.  But I'm not marathon training right now I'm Ragnar training so I'll stay focused :)

Today's workout:  Rest before my 18 mile long run tomorrow

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


For the last couple of weeks my shoulder and neck have been really tight then last Friday after a tough upper body workout it was too much and I knew I hurt it.  Luckily my mom is a Chiropractor and lives a few blocks away.  My mom checked it out to find out what was causing the pain. I have an Avultion fracture on the top inside of my shoulder.  It doesn't hurt very much when I'm using the muscles but it KILLS when I roll onto my shoulder in my sleep or put my arm above my head to get dressed. So I've had ultra sound, electric stem, massage and acupuncture done to it.  And she made me promise to rest it for a solid week - which is enough to make me go crazy.  I can still run and spin I just can't do my crossfit classes this week.   But after 5 days of rest I already feel so much better and I am hopeful that in another 5 days I'll be as good as new.  I look ridiculous with this red sports tape but it helps a lot so it's worth the fashion faux pas.

Just getting some acupuncture done - see those little needles???

Today's workout:  tempo run - 10 miles total with 4 at an 8:13 pace.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Utah Mountains

I live in such a beautiful place.  I love the mountains that surround me and I really love running in them.  We do lots of runs on the paved trails and roads in the canyons but last weekend I got out and did 2 great mountain runs.

On Saturday we did an "adventure run" to prepare for Ragnar.  3 of my awesome Housewives of the UC teammates and I drove up Southfork canyon and did a 4 mile trail run.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  After our trail loop we met 3 more teammates and did another 8 miles down the canyon to finish off.  I did 13.5 miles total and absolutely loved it!

Traci, Tracy, Gretchen and I

Traci cruising down the trail in a gorgeous field

Traci, Me and Gretchen

Then yesterday since it was Memorial day and there was no school or work we decided to get some serious hill work in.  We ran from the bottom of Squaw Peak up to the top then back down again.  It was just over 4.3 miles to the top and we climbed 1755 feet.  The hill is relentless and there are no rollers.  I drove up the mountain on Sunday with my man and 2 of the kiddos so I dropped off some waters and gatorades.  I really didn't want to carry hydration.  We stopped at mile 2.1 to drink but other than that ran every step of the way - no walking.  I did this run a few times 4 years ago and walked about half of the time.  I am so very excited that I was able to run the whole time!!  My poor legs are total jello from the steep incline and decline.  Going down was just as hard as going up because of the pounding.
Me, Gretchen, Kami and Traci

And just to make sure you don't think I always look like I just rolled out of bed here is a picture I took at the top when we drove it.  It was VERY windy.
My girls with Todd & I

Today I taught spin and rode my bike for an extra 45 minutes after.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The partner workout

I am way behind on posting.  Let's see what have I been up to.....I've done a few more night runs, a triple run day, several hill repeats, some long runs and a whole lot of 360 fit.  I am so ready for school to be out for the kids so I have more time for my workouts in the mornings.  It's just hard to fit it all in some days. 

The other day we did a partner WOD - everything was sets of 90 until the last thing which was 180 ball slams. We had just finished doing way too many burpees and I started doing the ball slams.  Traci was laying on the ground thinking we were finished right when I slammed the ball down by her head.  It shocked her then depressed her thinking that we weren't finished.  We were cracking up.  I like partner workouts because we can cheer each other on and being T's partner is the best since we are so similar with our workout strengths and speed. 


Oh and by the way.....I have started doing a few "boy" push-ups during the workouts now.  I can't do the whole thing but it's fun to at least do some of them.

Today I did 5 miles on the treadmill and crossfit.  Tomorrow we are doing a trail run as part of our long run.  I am for sure bringing my phone to get some pictures. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Parents

Most mornings when I leave for work I see my dad and mom out walking.  I love that the go walking every morning to start their day.  I love that not only their dog goes with them but their cat does too.  I love that at 70 years old they are both active and make it a priority.  If they don't go walking they are out riding their bikes.  They both snow ski several days a week (black diamonds still....amazing).  I want to be like them when I grow up.  They are so full of life and I know a big part of it comes from their healthy lifestyles. 

Thanks mom & dad for being amazing examples to me!!

Yesterday's workout was a triple workout day.
Morning:  6 mile tempo run with 4 miles at an 8:00 min/pace with crossfit
Noon:  4 mile run
Night:  4 mile run

Today:  6 mile recovery run

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Analyzing the race

I got this running quote in my email and I love it.  I love putting together and following training plans.  I mean I love training plans! Maybe I like it too much....but it's just me and I love it.  

However I finally feel like I can train hard and follow my plan but then race without the stress.  I love to just feel the run and I really do love running.  Not every run is going to feel good and that's ok but if I can't enjoy running why keep pushing hard and running so much?   I also love this quote because I love Kara!

Because of my love of training plans I always do best when I have a race.  Thank goodness I am already signed up for 5 more races this year.  And I might add 1 or 2 more - because I like to be just a little crazy.

Saturday we did 16 miles down the canyon. It felt great and I love running in the canyon!

Yesterday we met at the crack of dawn (5:30 am) and did 8 miles with hill repeats.  Then over my lunch break I met T at the gym and we did the crossfit workout together.  It cracked me up to be at the gym with my hair fixed and full makeup.  

Today I taught spin and then did crossfit.  I am so ready for summer so I have more time in the morning for my workouts.  I really like doing double workouts :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hero WOD for Katrina

 Today our crossfit workout was a Hero workout dedicated to Katrina Lawrence who lost her life earlier this week after giving birth to her 6th child. I don't know her personally but I know members of her family and friends of hers.  The workout was VERY hard and thinking about her and her loving husband and beautiful children is what kept me going and got me through all 6 rounds. 


Cash in: 34 Box Jumps for Justus (24in/20in)

Then 6 Rounds of the Following:

-14 Kettlebell Swings / for KAI the Intellectual (53/35),
-12 Front Squats / for TE the Karate Man (135lb/95lb),
-11 HSPU / for MAYA the gymnast,
-8 Burpees / for DAX the crazy man,
-3 Squat Cleans / for KOA who loves to leave everything clean (NOT!) (135lb/95lb)
-1 Thruster / for Jet Li the new baby thrusting himself into this world! (135lb/95lb)

Cash out: 36 Box Jumps for Katrina (24in/20in)

Rep = Children’s and Parents’ Ages
Rounds = Number of Children

In other news: On Wednesday we did our night run - 9 out of 12 isn't bad.  It was a fun run but going to bed at 11:00 pm nearly killed me.  And yesterday morning when the alarm went off at 5:00 am to go teach spin I was dead to the world.  But I went and taught class then did crossfit after.  Talk about great Ragnar training :) 

 Tomorrow is long run day.  16 miles

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I heart Ragnar Training

2012 Ragnar Training

I love training for Ragnar.  It's fun and different.  It mixes up hill work (up, down and trails), speed work, multiple runs on the same day and running at different times during the day.  Plus my team does lots of it together. Tonight we are doing our first group night run.  I am a total spazz when it comes to group runs.  I love love love them!!!  The more people the happier I am. 

This morning Traci and I met at the gym at 5:20 am and did speed work on the treadmills then hit the 360 fit class.  For speed work I warmed up for a mile then did a mile at a 7:47 pace, jogged for a half mile then another mile at 7:47 pace and then another half mile easy pace.  Then we did our crossfit WOD - 20 wall balls, 20 kettle bell swings, 20 pushups, 20 walking lunges 5 rounds for time.  Then I jumped back on the treadmill and did a half mile warm up, 1 mile at 7:47 and a half mile cool down.  Then tonight I am doing a fun 4 mile run with the team. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Bad Workout

Today I had a bad workout.  Every so often a workout pisses me off and I just can't get myself mentally over it.  This morning was one of those days for me.  This morning started off with teaching my spin class then I hurried to the 360 fit class.  Today's WOD was 5 wall walks, 10 cleans, 15 pull-ups and 20 double unders.  10 rounds with a 40 minute cut off.  

I normally use 25 lb dumbbells for my weights but today there weren't any left so I grabbed 30 lbs.  The difference between 25 and 30 was just too much for me mentally today and by the middle of my first round of cleans I was ready to quit and holding back tears of frustration.  More than once I dropped the weights and didn't want to pick them up again. I was mad at myself for feeling like that and even more mad at myself for not being able to just buck up and do it.  But I didn't quit. I just kept on going for the entire 40 minutes.  I finished 4 full rounds and part of a 5th.  

Usually when I finish a hard workout I feel satisfaction in what I made myself do and know it is making me stronger.  Today that wasn't the case.  I was still upset and couldn't get over it.  Lucky for me I have the best workout partner in the world and she knows me well enough to know just how crazy in the head I am and sent me a text with this image that said "And this morning, you didn't!"

I'm over it now and back in my happy world. Another day brings another chance for a great workout.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Go Housewives

Saturday was our first Ragnar team group run.  I love love love group runs! It's so fun to just hit the road with friends and chat about everything and nothing at all at the same time.  It was a beautiful morning too - I overdressed in a long sleeve shirt and capri's.  
7 of the Housewives of the UC

Because we knew Saturday had a lot going on we did our long run on Friday morning.  We did 14 miles at just under an 8:30 pace.  It was fast and after it was done I was glad we pushed it - but I am so not planning to push my next long run that hard. One thing I've read several times lately and heard from a few collegiate runners is that one long run a month you should do part or all of it at race pace or even faster.  So there we have it - now for the rest of May I can relax and not have to do fast long runs :)

Today we did hill repeats - we ran a mile over to State St. then headed up the hill (it was about 0.75 mile) then back down and up again.  Then added a few miles then did it one last time just for fun.  Ha ha.  Not really for fun but it was a great hill training workout.  8 miles total. I love the variety of Ragnar training.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boston Strong

I'm not sure that I've talked enough about my Boston support group.  These girls ran miles and miles and miles with me training ran marathons with me. And helped me get my goal so there was no way I was going to run Boston without my girls there.  I am so glad I had them there.  On Saturday after we finished the Pink Series 5K we all put on our Boston support shirts.  We weren't together we were all being busy mom's - working in the garden, attending kids sporting events, cleaning, shopping, running errands and much more.  But when I texted the picture of me in my Boston shirt to them I quickly got pictures from them wearing their shirts too.  I love it. Running has always been a bond for us but now we have Boston too and it has tied us closer together as friends, runners and HUGE fans of Boston. We are Boston Strong. I have found that all of this has  made me love running even more than I did before.  I read this article today and absolutely loved it.  Thanks Runner's world for inspiring me daily.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the 4 of us partying it up in Boston. 

Having way too many cannoli's

Waiting for me while I was running - with a few other friends joining the party!
The subway with an awesome photo bomber

At the airport

Running along the Charles river

Today's workout:  6 mile run with 4 at 8:20 pace and crossfit