Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another treadmill record

Today's workout was a tempo run so it was a treadmill day.  And are you ready for this?  I actually look forward to our treadmill days right now.  It's great to run in shorts and tank top.  And it's nice to have something different.  And with tempo it's nice to just set the speed and go for it without looking down at my Garmin every 10 seconds.  The workout was 10 miles w/6 at an 8:06 tempo.  I ran a warm up mile then did my 6 at tempo.  By the last mile I was ready to be done so I sped up every quarter mile to get 'er done faster.  Then I went back down to an 8:45ish pace for my last 3 miles.  

One of the runnin' girls started later than me so when I finished I walked on the treadmill chatting with her while she finished her 10.  When she finished I looked at the treadmill and I was at 98 minutes so I just kept walking until I hit 100!!

When I was leaving the gym I looked down and realized that my tank top really showed sweat today (I will not be wearing that pink tank to the gym again) and I noticed that I was only sweaty on my boobs!  It was crazy embarrassing.  I looked hilarious and who knows how long I had looked like that without realizing it.  Oh my!

Tomorrow:  8 miles and weights

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  1. The story about your tank top made me laugh, I can totally visualize it, because I've had the same issue before. Only I work out at home, so I just looked down and laughed.