Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eating vs. Working Out

Today after my 4 year old's preschool Christmas program she wanted to go to McDonald's before I dropped her off at my sis-in-law's house.  We went through the drive-thru and she got her happy meal.  Rather than find something else to eat I opted for the 2 cheeseburger meal (don't judge me).  She was very excited when we were eating the same thing then when I took a bite of my second one she said "you eat two mama?  you fat!"  So after that I couldn't finish it and just threw it away knowing I shouldn't have been eating it in the first place.  Then when I was back at work I got this text and was dying.  She is the funniest kid.  I only wish my double workout today could make up for my poor eating choices!  

Speaking of today's workout:  I did intervals on the treadmill 6 miles total with 3 - 1 mile intervals at a 7:12 pace then did 360 fit.  The WOD today was crazy.  It was a partner workout of 50 knees to elbows.  50 star jumpers. 50 ops burpees.  50 ball slams.  50 kettleball swings.  2 rounds for time.  It nearly killed me! 

So instead of throw away all the hard work I did in the gym this morning I think I'll make sure my dinner is healthier than my lunch was!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fun 360 Pictures

Most days our trainer takes pictures of us during 360 fit.  It cracks me up looking at the pictures when he posts them on facebook.  Here are a few that made me giggle that got posted yesterday. 

Are my legs really that white?  I may never wear that light pink hat inside again.....don't love.
I really need to get my butt down in squats - UGH!

I am moving so fast I'm blurry

I have to take my hat off to do my pushups right - that is some scary hair!
I thought my wall burpees were way cooler than they look here

At least I've got major height on my double-unders

Today's workout:  Run 6 miles and 360 fit. 

Today's 360 WOD:
round 1: 40 kettleball swings 10 burpees
round 2: 30 kettleball swings 20 burpees
round 3: 20 kettleball swings 30 burpees
round 4: 10 kettleball swings 40 burpees

Monday, December 10, 2012

I Run the Day!

I love this.  It is so true. Last night my 4YO did not sleep well.  She was in bed with me since dad is out of town and she cried and tossed and turned and was very itchy all night.  So this morning at 5:00 am I did not want to get out of bed.  But I knew there was no other time to fit in a workout today so I forced myself to get up, get dressed and hit the gym.  I am always glad I got up once I start working out.  I ran 4 miles then did 360 fit then ran 2 more miles.  And now at 10:30 am I am ready for a nap - but no luck I have to work so I'll just go to bed early tonight instead.  I love feeling completely exhausted from a hard workout.  And when I start my day with a run everything goes better!  

Today's 360 Fit workout:  20 kettleball swings (35lbs), 10 pull-ups, 20 star jumpers.  AMRAPs for 30 minutes.  I did 6 rounds + kettleballs + 3 pull=ups.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Stocking Stuffers for Runners

I never get tired of running gear.  I ask for it for every birthday and Christmas.  So here are a few items every runner would love.  What else do you have on your list?

Scott James Jewelry ($12 per pendant). 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my necklace and wear it all the time.

Fuel Belt hand held water bottle. ($8-$15)

It's dark in the winter so a headlamp is awesome ($20-$80)

A great basic running watch from Garmin ($130)
I love my 305 but I really want one of these too and it comes in fun colors!

A few great long sleeve running shirts. ($20-$70)
I have thinner ones and fleece lined shirts.  You need a variety for layering.

A fun way to display your race medals ($25+ on etsy)

Compression socks or sleeves ($50)
I love my CEP and Pro Compression ones.
ProCompression is doing a 40% off right now with free shipping 
Promo code: SOM12

Give the gift of "not getting hit by a car" ($20)

I love my sleeves ($8)

Injinji Socks ($12)

Spi Belt ($20)
 Smartwool Sock ($8)
these are great for winter running.
 Yurbuds ($35)

And if you want to throw down some cash get anything from Athleta or LuLu Lemon.  I absolutely love everything I have from both of those stores. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanks for changing women's running!

The "Boston Incident" of 1967 was the spark that ignited the woman's running revolution. Kathrine Switzer went on to finish that 1967 Boston Marathon in 4 hours 20 minutes, despite being disqualified by Jock Semple. She was inspired by the incident, however, to go on to run 35 marathons, including 8 Boston Marathons, running a personal best in 1975 in 2 hours, 51 minutes, & winning the 1974 New York City Marathon. She also created the Avon International Running Circuit, a global series of women's running events in 25 countries, involving over one million women, & lead to the inclusion of the women's marathon in the Olympic Games. (from her website)

In 2009 I ran the inaugural Boston 5K and she was there and she said a few words before the 5K race.  What an inspirational moment in my running life. She and lots of other previous Boston marathon winners ran the race I was running.  I might have been beaten by tons of people twice my age but they are rock star runners and I was so excited to be running in the same event as them!!  I love that I share a name with her too - mine's spelled a little different but still it's a great name :)  

Thanks Kathrine for changing running for women!!

Today's workout:  taught spin (endurance hills) and did 360 fit.  Today was my first time to RX a workout (which means I did it with the recommended weight for women instead of less like I usually do).

Monday, December 3, 2012

Positive Thinking

On lots of our runs lately we've talked about positive thoughts instead of going to the "ugly place" in your head.  During the UV marathon in June my thoughts were horrible - I was mad at the headwind, I was mad that I walked, I was mad that I missed my goal.  I was so unhappy during and after the race. It didn't matter that I PR's by 10 minutes I was grouchy and it started by mile 10.  That makes for a really loooooooong marathon.

Then at the STG marathon I was so happy the entire run and even when things started to hurt I had positive thoughts about the pain instead of being grouchy and going inside my head to the "ugly place".  This changed everything for me.  I ran and I smiled the whole 26.2 miles.  I was just as strong during both races and had trained hard for both but the experiences were completely different for me.  There is something so powerful about our thoughts and mind over matter. 

Now I just need to remember that on the hard run days.  It's ok when my body is tired and not performing how I want it to - and instead of beating myself up I need to just think happy thoughts and keep moving.

Today's workout: 6.5 miles on the treadmill and 360 fit