Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Train Insane

Yesterday was the last day of April I logged 164 miles for the month and I've run just over 620 miles so far this year.  When I look at those numbers I'm amazed.  Did I really run that many miles in 4 months?  This training program really is insane!  

And the best part?  I LOVE IT!!  I'm pretty sure I've always had a bit of crazy in me (I get it from my mom).  So when I saw this quote I instantly loved it. 

I am seriously loving this program.  I run a LOT but I feel great and strong.  I wasn't sore at all after running 22 miles last week. That's gotta be a good sign.  

Today's workout: spin - then I started talking so I didn't lift.  Oh well.  

Tomorrow: speed work on the treadmill

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