Saturday, May 12, 2012

Totally great bra

Have you seen this awesome bra from Lululemon?  It is hilarious and functional all at the same time.  I personally hate carrying things with me when I run but I know a few gals who always have chapstick and their phone with them.  And really kleenex is a great idea for a long run - if you can keep the sweat from turning it into a wet wipe.

On short runs I don't bring anything with me and on long runs I have my GU, water and my nano.  Oh and I always have my Garmin on.  I am trying to get in the habit of carrying a little cash and ID with me as well - but usually at 5:30 am I manage to forget. 

Today's run was 12 miles.  I did 7 of it on my own and met up with some of my Ragnar gals for 5 of it. 

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