Friday, April 27, 2012

22 miles baby!

Gourmet, Me and Par-Tay looking good after 22
This picture is obviously posed to make us look as dramatically tired as we felt.  Every time I see this picture it cracks me up.  I should probably care more that I look so ridiculous but I can't because it's too funny. 

Today we did our longest training run - 22 MILES!!  Our training has us doing 3 20 milers but the jump from 20 to 26 seemed so big that we decided to make our second one 22 miles.  I might have been regretting that decision at mile 21.25 when we were running up a very steep hill to get home.  But we did it the whole darn thing.  

I wore my marathon outfit to test it out and it worked like a charm.  The skirt and tank didn't bother me at all and there was lots of room for gels.  I wore my compression socks and a brand new pair of shoes.  That could have turned out bad but I didn't end up blistering at all from the new shoes - thank goodness.  

Rather than wear fuel belts or carry water bottles I dropped some off last night.  I didn't do a very good job of hiding them - I just put them in the grass at a few different miles.  Good thing no-one decided to take them or throw them away because I wasn't really thinking last night.  It was perfect.  I loved not carrying anything for such a long run.  I did a roctane GU at mile 5, another regular GU at mile 11 and my third was a roctane that I took at mile 17.  My legs felt pretty good and I think the distance between them was perfect.  I drank one of the new gatorade Fit series drinks.  I really like them for running - the bottle is small and has a pop top and it's a very light refreshing flavor and only has 20 calories.  I have to have electrolytes or my tummy cramps so this was perfect for me.  

When I got home I did the usual.  I did a 10 minute ice bath, drank a high protein recovery drink, drank another gatorade, and took some aleve. 

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