Monday, May 14, 2012

Have you met my big sister?

So I have this big sister who I've always idolized - especially when it comes to running.  The girl can run. She has been a runner as long as I can remember.  I think she started in like 5th grade or something crazy like that and has never stopped.  She got me into running in high school and when she left for college I stopped running because it wasn't fun anymore without her.  I've only beaten her once in my entire life and that was my freshman year in high school at a track meet when she was injured.  

This one time when her youngest was 10 days old and I'd been training all summer I decided to go running with her thinking I could finally out run her.  Nope.  I was dying by the end of that run and she was just chatting and having a great time.  Anytime she gives me running advice I follow it no questions asked.  Ice baths - that was hers.  Udo's - hers again.  So far she's never led me astray.   

I got a text from her on Saturday that she had competed in an all-women's half marathon and came in 3rd overall with a time of 1:32!!  Are you kidding me? How is it that she is getting faster as she gets older?  She's getting back to her old college times.  It's so motivating to me and gives me hope that I can keep getting faster so I can qualify for Boston even though I'm getting old.

St. George marathon 2011 she finished in 3:17
Look at her (blue outfit) pushing to the finish
knees up and she kills the guy in the red tank.

Today's workout:  10 miles
Tomorrow:  spin & lift 

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