Monday, May 28, 2012

Gear Review - BTB sunglasses

A friend asked me to review these sunglasses as a runner. I really like them!! I've worn them on a few runs now so I feel like I have a good enough feel to do a review.  Due to my short hair and my really bad bed head I usually wear a hat when I run but I love having options.  

These glasses are so light and comfy I don't even notice they are there (until I stop running and my sweat causes them to fog up ... ha ha).  I can't wait to try these when I finally get out on my bike.  If you wear sunglasses when you run or ride (or really any sport) grab a pair.  They are a great price and she even sent me a promotion you can use!

Saturday we did a nice easy 12 mile long run and today we did 10 miles. Tomorrow is spin and lifting.  

Lots more info on the shades:
100% optical clarity using HD (High Definition) technology • Optimal Focal Point Lenses
• Complete UVA and UVB Protection

• “Form-fitted” for user comfort
• Temples and nose pieces crafted from TPR hypoallergenic material and coated with an anti-bacterial agent
• Featherweight Design

• Rugged frames made from Grilamid TR90
• “Frame Flex” technology construction
• “Ballistic” impact rated lenses

Lifetime warranty!!

Use coupon code SUNSHINE to get $5.00 off every pair!!

A portion of each sale is donated to BTB Foundation – a 501C that helps to actively promote youth participation in all ball sports for a healthier and active lifestyle

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