Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yeah....we got this!

Today was my last long run until the marathon.  20 miles.  We drove up the canyon to do most of it on the course and get the hills in one last time.  We rocked it - seriously I am so happy with my run today.  We walked 4 times to drink and take GU's and still had an 8:23 average.  Ah yeah!  I so love the support I get from the girls - I love having them there for the hard runs when I feel like quitting and I love having them there on days like today when everything goes great and the weather is beautiful, and the run is fast.

Favorite parts of today's run:
  • Laurie shouting how beautiful it was and asking what time of day it was because it was perfect
  • Cruising down the hills
  • A man on the trail asking us about compression socks because we were "real runners"
Now I want to lay down and take a nap....but instead it's crazy mom day.  My oldest has his pine wood derby today and the other 3 kids have 3 dance performances today.  So now I get to put my mom game face on and get busy.  Love my life!

Just so I can remember:  took a roctane at mile 5.5, regular GU at mile 11, and another roctane at 16.5.  Drank 2 small gatorades and about 8 oz of water.

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