Monday, February 27, 2012

The more I run...

The better I feel.  Our mileage has been steadily increasing for months now.  Before doing this training program (even the last time I trained for a marathon) I found that 7 miles was my break point.  That was when I needed water and gu and anything more than that just felt sooooo long.  Now that I rarely run less than 9 miles at a time my body has been adjusting and I can easily go 10 miles without taking any GU.  I still carry water or Gatorade with me just to be sure I don't dehydrate but I don't feel like I'm going to die without it.  

Today I took a little bottle of Gatorade with me - the kid size ones.  I have some extra from when I had to take drinks and treats to a basketball game for one of the kids.  Anyway,  it was the perfect amount of hydration as well as a nice little pick me up with the carbs and electrolytes.  I'm hoping that with this training and my body adjusting to the miles by the marathon I can still feel great with fewer gu's and less water so I don't have to stop to use the porta potty.  I guess training does pay off :)

Today:  10 miles
Tomorrow:  spin and lift

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