Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I wanna be a tough chic

Like every Tuesday today I taught spin then lifted weights.  It was a good day of lifting for me - I only had to lower the weight from the person before me 3 times....I'm so tough!

Seriously though, it makes me crazy that I am such a weakling and that I am always lowering the weight on the machines.  I guess I'd have to lift a lot more than twice a week to be a tough chic.  Maybe that can be my 2013 goal - this year is all about running faster so I don't have time to bulk up.  Ha. 

Today's Spin Workout:
5 minute hill - tap it up each minute
Hill Intervals - 1 min on/1 min rest - 5 x's
Sprint Intervals - 30 s on/30s rest - 5 x's

10 minute hill - over/under intervals (3 min seated - tap up each min/2 min standing - 2 x's)
Pyramid Intervals 
30 on/30 off (2 x's)
1 on/1 off (2 x's)
2 on/1 off
Jumps (4 minutes)

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