Monday, January 9, 2012

Is there such a thing as an easy run?

According to the training today's run was an "easy" 8 mile run.  I love that in the training program it calls most of the runs easy.  There are easy runs, speed work, tempo runs and long runs.  I'm not sure why it would be called easy ... today was 8 miles in 19 degree weather at 5:40 am.  Nothing about that seems "easy" to me.  I guess when I downloaded the program it didn't know I live in Utah and it gets really freaking cold here and it had no idea that I would be starting and ending my run in the dark (I hate that it is still dark at 7:00).  But still I think labeling any run "easy" is crazy.  No matter if I'm going 2 miles or 15 miles it's always hard to get out there and do it.  Don't get me wrong there are days I feel strong when I run, but that first mile is always the hardest.

So I'm thinking I should rename them.  Maybe everyday run, or basic run, training run, mileage run.  What good ideas do you have?  Because I think I'm done calling them easy runs.

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