Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The bad, good and best parts of running at home

Today's workout was a tempo run 7 miles total.  Warm up - 5 miles @ 8:13 pace then cool down.  The plan was the meet at the gym but I wasn't feeling so hot this morning so I bailed and did my run after I sent the boys off to school. 

The hard/bad parts: it was just me, the treadmill,and the wall to look at. Oh and the girls asking me questions every few minutes for the first 3 miles then they got bored and went back upstairs.  UGH.  I dug deep and made myself finish the whole thing but it felt so long because I just sat there and counted every tenth of a mile as is ticked by.  

The good parts:  I got to sleep in a little.  When I got thirsty I hurried upstairs and got a water bottle.  My protein shake was only minutes away.  I rolled out my legs while they were still warm.  And I really like the feel of our new treadmill.

And the best part:  When I got hot I just took my shirt off and ran in my sports bra without even caring about my stretch marks showing.  HA.  I would NEVER do that in public or outside.  

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