Monday, April 16, 2012


Today was the Boston Marathon.  I loved following the lead runners via twitter. Talk about awesome  athletes.  I loved having a few bloggers that I follow that ran the race and being so excited for them as they prepared and I can't wait to read their recaps.  I don't even know them and I'm excited for them.  


A few years ago I got to go support my sister when she ran Boston.  It is the most amazing race.  Absolutely inspiring.  Part of me has wanted to be a part of it since then and part of me just knew there was no way I am hard core enough to race with people that fast and amazing.  I still have no idea if I can qualify - especially since they made it even harder to get in but I'm going to keep training hard and do everything I can to try.  I have two chances this year to give it a shot!!

Today's run:  10.5 miles - the usual Monday early morning run
Tomorrow:  spin and weights

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  1. Hey Kathy, I read through a couple month's worth of your blogs this morning. I think you are definitely a " hard-core" endurance "athlete". I just can't figure out how you stole my life! :D. I've been wanting to start running (fast jiggling) again but I just "knew" that as soon as I started the weather would turn crappy and winter would officially begin. After a couple of months of kicking myself because we've had such a mild winter and with a promise of a warmish sunny week from Weather Bug I went for my first run yesterday. It is now raining! Ugh! Anyway, I wanted to ask you how you met your running compadres? I'm struggling to find anyone in my shape (fluffy pear ;p) who wants to train with me. Most I've talked to have bad knees or don't think could or would want to prep for a 10k or half marathon. I just don't have the right connections, I guess. There's no way I could keep up with you but maybe through your travelings you've met others like me. Let me know if anyone comes to mind or if you know how I might meet someone like that. Currently I jiggle about 4-4.5 mph and finish a half marathon at just under three hours but would love train hard, drop weight and really run much faster. I love running but a workout partner with an upbeat attitude would be soooo helpful!