Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All the way baby!

I am so focused on training for the marathon that I keep forgetting to think about Ragnar (Wasatch Back).  The races are back-to-back.  6 days apart.  If I think about it I get a little stressed out so I just don't think about it usually. 

I love this quote they posted on facebook - and my amazing team captain sent this out to the team too.  I obviously needed the inspiration.  I love love love it!  This summer I am going all the way.  2 marathons and Ragnar.  Bring it!

Today's workout was a tempo run.  I did a warm up mile then 6 miles at an 8:00 min/mile pace (7.5 on the treadmill) then another 3 miles around an 8:40 pace to finish it off for 10 miles total.  Overall it felt pretty good - especially once it was done!!  I had to plug in my iPod to get me through miles 3-7 but other than that the miles went by pretty easily watching people at the gym and chatting with the runnin' girls.  Love my girls!

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