Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Looking Back

Today while I was getting my butt kicked by the treadmill and my speed workout I was thinking back to early last October when this adventure began.  Rather than do a basic 12 week training program I decided to do Smartcoach from Runners World and basically it just starts you training that day (thank goodness the girls were up for the challenge so I didn't have to go it alone).  My "training" will end up be 36 weeks for the Utah Valley marathon and a full year for St. George.  CRAZY!!  When I first started I thought it might burn me out but honestly I don't know if I've ever loved running more than I do right now.  I feel stronger running than ever and I spend way more time running too :)

The first week of  the training my speed work was an 8:00 min/mile.  I remember feeling great that I conquered it and today I was running close to that for my "jogs" between my speed intervals.  The distance was only 4 miles with 2 mile intervals too and today I did 10.5 miles with 5 mile intervals.  It makes me happy to see my progress.

The crazy thing is when I started this program I was already in "good" shape.  A few weeks after I started it I ran a PR at the Snow Canyon half marathon. I love feeling like I can push my body this hard.  I don't want to get too anxious or excited about the marathon but really I'm more excited than nervous at this point.  I am going to do my best to have a positive attitude and go into this marathon ready to kick some butt!

Today's workout:  10.5 miles total.  Warm up 1 mile. 5 sets of intervals at a 7:18 pace with 1/2 mile jogs between then finish with another 2 miles then a half mile cool down walk.

Tomorrow:  rest before the 22 miler on Friday!

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  1. You are speedy! You are going to do amazing. I hope I can get myself to go that fast someday.