Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hill workout

Today was a Ragnar training day - or in other words - a really hard hill workout day.  We got to sleep in today and met at 5:45 am (how sad is it that meeting at 5:45 is sleeping in...)  We ran from Kiwanis Park up to the Y then back down.  It was 4 miles total - and every single step was either straight up or straight down.  The burn when doing hills like that is so different from the other runs.  It feels like pure strength training not running.  

Tomorrow:  REST!!!!
Saturday:  16 miles

p.s. please forgive me for the quality of this picture and even more for the crazy headband - I just didn't feel like wearing a hat today

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  1. Hey Kathy! If you haven't heard I found my running buddy at women's conference last night! I got no response from Facebook, or searching the Internet and was feeling depressed and frustrated. In desperation I prayed to find someone I would emmediately click with and that things would work out. After the conference was over I recognized someone I knew I had spoken to before but couldn't remember when or where. I touched her arm and asked where we might know each other from and she couldn't recall either. I asked her if she happened to be a jogger. She said no, then I asked her if she would like to be. Turns out not only was she very interested but all her kids are in school too and can join me after the family is pushed out the door in the morning! A beginner I can get excited about helping to get started while I relearn, with no children to make arrangements for and doesn't work during the day. I could never have dreamed of finding a better fit and we hit it off right away! Thank you for your help and interest in me. You gave me the courage to not give up and to be bold enough to speak up. I don't know if you started your blog with the hope of inspiring but you helped me more than you can ever know. Thank you!!