Friday, April 6, 2012

20 Miles and Ugly Faces

I might make the ugliest faces known to man when attempting to show just how unhappy the weather on today's run made me.  I thought we were all making ugly faces....apparently only I did!

This time they look sad and again I've got my ugly face going on

We did our first 20 miler today (since the girls are both going somewhere very beautiful and warm for spring break...I might be VERY jealous).  Last night Todd asked me what time I was getting up to run when I told him we were leaving at 5:45 and running 20 miles he said I sure know how to make running sound not fun.  HA.  

Anyways.....we knew the weather had the potential to be bad today but when I woke up it was clear and 37 degrees.  One of the running girl's husband drove us up the canyon so we could run the marathon course again and head straight home.  The further up the canyon we got we started to notice snow so we decided to jump out and start running.  It was pitch black on the highway (no street lights), windy, and there was hail coming down.  UGH!  It was crazy - the hail hurt so bad when it would pelt me in the face.  We jumped on the trail as early as we could and by mile 3 the hail turned to snow.  It snowed on us the rest of the run.  The weather was so bad today for our run it was almost funny.  We had to adjust our route on the run - good thing we run around town enough to know mileage home from just about anywhere :)

I thought it was crazy that there were no other runners out this morning. There are always runners out - the first runner I saw was at mile 15 then I saw one more guy at mile 19.  Apparently everyone else decided to stay inside this morning and wait until Utah decided to give us back spring.

I did a roctane GU at mile 8 and another GU at mile 15.  Drank 10 ounces of water and 10 ounces of gatorade.  All in all I felt pretty good - all things considered.  Average pace (with walking while taking GU's) was 9:04 pace. 

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