Monday, April 23, 2012

All about the long run....

I bought a few new pair of shoes.  Yes I love Saucony - I got another pair of Kinvara 2's (I think I'm on pair #6 now) and I am trying out the new Guide 5 just to mix it up with all the miles I've been putting in.  The third pair is for the hubby - he's trying out the Kinvara 2 as well.

 Took the kids out to dinner Friday night before the long run and loaded up on pasta. Yum.

My hips were hurting after the run so I decided to do an ice bath.  There were still bubbles in the bath from my kids bath the night before.  Rather than spend anytime washing them down I just left them in and loved how fancy it made my ice bath :)

I've been trying hard to not drink so much diet coke - but after a long run and knowing I would be working on my garden the rest of the day I had to swing through the drive thru and get my favorite mix of DC.

Some Details:  We did our 16 miler in the canyon again and I feel like I'm getting a good feel for the marathon course.  I tried the new accel gel (rapid release) and didn't love it.  The flavor was too sweet and I didn't feel as much of a difference as I do from GU Roctane.  I took my accel gel at mile 5 and a roctane at 11.  My body was tired by the last few miles but we were pushing our pace.  We finished the run at an 8:25 pace - fast for me. 

Today:  This morning was our usual 10 mile Monday morning run.  I forgot my Garmin so I have no idea what pace we ran but it felt just like every other Monday morning - I was tired and grouchy :)

Tomorrow:  spin & lift

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