Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thank you!!

Every week after I teach spin I leave the music playing in the room for those who want to keep riding and then head out to lift weights.  This morning when I went back into the room to grab all my stuff I found a cute card sitting on my gym bag with this awesome little note and gift in it.  SO SWEET!  

It made my morning.  I have no idea which of my awesome gym buddies it's from but I will definitely be using it to buy more spin music.  hmmmmm maybe it was a hint disguised as a gift that I need new music.....

I love teaching spin one day a week.  It's the perfect addition to my running routine and doesn't add extra stress to my busy life.  Plus I get to use all the money I make there for new workout clothes :)

Today:  spin (lots of speed and hills) & lift
Tomorrow: 10 mile treadmill run with 6 tempo miles

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