Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yesterday's Run

I love doing long runs on Saturday. It's nice to run when the sun is up. Today's run was very cold. 18 degrees. I wore 2 pair of pants. 2 long sleeve fleece tops. A ski beenie. And gloves. I even put hand warmers in my gloves and they were heavenly. I was actually warm enough the entire run.

When we stopped at mile 5 to gu (orange vanilla rocktane) mine was nearly frozen. I totally had to chew it! My gel was in my outside jacket pocket. Maybe next time I should put it in a pocket closer to my body. And my water was so cold it actually had ice chunks in it. It would have been the most amazing drink on a hot afternoon run. But it was so cold I didn't even drink it all.

Today's run was a 10 miler. Even with stop lights and a few water breaks we were still at an 8:45 average. I'm pretty happy with the fact that I'm getting faster.

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