Monday, December 12, 2011

This weeks schedule

Since nothing amazing like a lunar eclipse happened on today's run I thought I'd just blog the training schedule for this week.

M:  8 miles (easy)
T:  spin/weights
W: 7 mile tempo run (warm up then 5 miles at 8:20 pace)
Th: 7 miles (easy)/weights
S: 10 miles 

Today's run was long for a Monday morning and it was FREEZING!  For some reason even though the temp was warmer than Saturday's run it was really cold today.  Of course it was dark the whole run since we had to go early and I didn't dress right.  I need to do laundry so I was at the bottom of the barrel on workout clothes.  I guess I know how I'll be spending my evening tonight.

Speaking of laundry....I always wash my workout clothes normal and I air dry them so they will last longer.  I also never use a dryer sheet if I do dry them.  I hear that makes the dri-fit part not work as well.  Do you do anything special when you are washing your workout clothes?

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