Saturday, December 3, 2011

Best news EVER!!

Today's workout was a 10 mile run.  I am pleased to say I was feeling well enough to run the whole thing with the girls.  YIPEE!!  It's good to be back.  On a side note:  one should NOT do a nettie pot rinse right before a run - yuck!  
Anyways, on our run today it came out that Traci signed up for the Utah Valley Marathon in June.  I am beyond excited!  She signed up back in October and didn't tell me because she was thinking of a fun way to tell me but then it just came out today and I am seriously sooooooo happy!!  She has been doing the training program with us the whole time but I figured that's just what workout buddies do for each other.  

Traci and I have been working out for over 7 years together.  She is simply the best workout buddy I could ever imagine!!  We love to do the same things.  We push each other hard.  We run & bike the same pace.  We are the same age.  It's a match made in heaven.  And she introduced me to an entire group of awesome friends who also love working out.  I can't wait to have this crazy girl training and racing the marathon with me in June!!

*not the best picture of us - but it was the only close up I could find of the 2 of us 
*Picture taken at the very end of Ragnar 2011

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  1. I knew you'd be better sooner, rather than later ... can't keep a good woman down! :)