Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Working out while prego

Nope I'm not prego (thank goodness).  But in the past few days I've had some funny things happen with working out and pregnancy.  I got the following message from a dear friend that is currently expecting who was around during a few of my pregnancies.
Hi friend,
I thought I would tell you that you have been in my dreams for the last couple of nights. You have been there with a pregnant belly while being my trainer and telling me "work harder, its good for your baby, it will help you during labor, let's go"! I love that even though I wish I where able to go to your spin class, I at least get to have you motivate me in my dreams!

 And then when I was at Runner's Corner I saw one of my old "regulars" from spin a few years back.  She is about 6 months prego.  While we were chatting she said "every time I think I can't do it I remember you up on your bike the entire pregnancy working out so hard and kicking all of our butts".  I told her that I just looked like I was working hard because of how out of breath pregnancy made me :)

I did workout through all 4 of my pregnancies.  I even taught spin on my 3rd's due date - since she decided to come a few days late!  I couldn't run after about 4 months with any of them because it hurt my back too much. But I taught spin through all 4, walked, lifted and did the elliptical all the way to the bitter end.  I know that working out regularly helped me physically and emotionally.  I was strong when I went into labor and I'm pretty sure that helped me get those kids out faster :)  

Funny story about teaching spin pregnant:  when my oldest was born he was a horrible baby (seriously, he was sooooo bad) and when we held him he always had to be bounced and moving and shaking.  He was totally high maintenance. My hubby always blamed it on me doing too much spin.  He said all the loud music and bouncing around made him crazy.  But then the other 3 came out more normal so it must not have been spin.  Ha ha.

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