Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Lunar Eclipse

This morning when my alarm went off at 6:40 I looked at the temperature and it said 16 degrees.  I sent a text asking if we really wanted to run in that temp and got a text back that said: 

"it's 19 up here.  the sun is coming up plus there is a lunar eclipse.  We've never run during a lunar eclipse.  should be a little cool."  

It was enough to get me there for the run. We looked at the lunar eclipse for a minute before starting our run then the run took us the exact opposite direction so we couldn't see it all after that since it was at our backs.  But hey we were up and out of bed and saw it and so you can mark off "run during a lunar eclipse" from my bucket list cause I've totally done that now!!

I couldn't get a good picture of it on my phone - but here is one that looks pretty similar to what I saw.

P.S.  Today's workout was a long run.  We did 12 miles.  It was tough and very cold.  My joints were tight the entire run but it's over and I love it when I'm done!

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