Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Workout Music

I love music when I workout.  It can totally change my mood.  If I'm struggling during a workout I can turn on a good tune and it will totally motivate me.  Usually when I teach spin I just turn my iPod on shuffle with workout music and go from there.  I change the songs if it's too fast or slow for what we're doing and sometimes if a good song comes on I'll completely change what I'm doing and do some extra jumps or intervals.  I love just going with the music.  So today for my spin class I decided to create a workout that was all based on just doing what fits best with a song. I decided what type of things I wanted to do then put together a playlist to match the workout.  Then we just turned on the music and did the workout.    

Today's Spin Playlist:

The Workout:
Song 1 - warm up
Song 2 - seated hill climb (tap up the tension each minute)
Song 3 - fast flat (lower tension quick tempo)
Song 4 - seated hill w/high tension
Song 5 - hill sprints (30 s. on/30 s. off)
Song 6 - standing run
Song 7 - recovery
Song 8 - tempo hill
Song 9 - hill sprints (30 s. on/30 s. off)
Song 10 - seated hill
Song 11 - standing hill at a faster tempo
Song 12 - jumps
Song 13 - sprints (faster during chorus)
Song 14 - cool down

Does music effect your workouts like it does mine?