Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting up at the butt crack of dawn

Today my alarm went off at 5:10 am.  It pains me when I look over and see that time on the clock and know it's time to get up to go workout. I remember the good days of college and when I was first married heading to the gym after work.  But once these little darlings came into my life all of that changed. I work full-time so there was no way I was going to be gone another hour after work anymore. 


This morning my sweet little 3 year old came into the bathroom while I was putting on my running shorts crying.  She was so tired still and really didn't want me to go running.  She told me to put my pj's back on instead and go back to bed.  SO TEMPTING!  But instead I took her back to bed and told her I would be back soon. She made me promise to be back in 3 minutes (everything is 3 to her) and she was fast asleep before I left the house.  When I got home from the gym around 7:00 all 4 munchkins were still sound asleep.  I don't love getting up so early (although doing it for over 9 years has made it much easier) but I do it so I can workout without taking any time away from my kiddos.  Working out makes me a better mom. I am glad that I have the awesome workout buddies I do who have kids too and have to workout way too early with me!

Today's Workout:  speed work on the treadmill
1 mile warm up (9:00 min/mile)
Mile intervals (3 times)
1 mile @ 7:47 min/mile
1/2 mile recovery

 Followed by 20 minutes of weight training. 

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