Monday, November 7, 2011

I still can't walk

I think besides my marathon this is the longest and the most soreness I've ever had!!!  I can't go up or down stairs and my legs have been getting so tight if I sit too long at my desk.  I didn't do anything post race.  I didn't stretch, drink a recovery shake, or anything and I am paying for it now.  I really need to take better care of myself and do my post run routine no matter what.  

Here is what I usually do: 

Liquids.  I drink a full water bottle and a full gatorade right after I run.  I can't seem to absorb the water unless I alternate it with electrolytes.  I drink g2 usually because it's easy and not too many calories and I really like the grape taste. I do this after all my weekly runs no matter the length.

Protein Shake.  I try to drink a high protein recovery drink after every workout I do and especially after a long run.  Right now my favorite recovery drink is the Winder farms chocolate milk recovery drink. I mix it in my awesome new Bledtec with a scoop of reduced fat peanut butter and ice.  DELICIOUS!  If I'm taking an ice bath I heat it up and drink it like hot chocolate instead.  
Roller.  I have a foam roller that I use on my legs and back after I run and before bed.  Sometimes I just speed roll because it hurts less but I get the best results if I go slow (it hurts so much when I do this....but it's the good kind of hurt) and stop in a spot for 15-30 seconds if there is pain there.  Then it usually lets go and feels better after a few tears and maybe swear words.  

Stretch.  I try to stretch right after my run and at night before I go to bed.  Lately it's been so cold after my runs that I haven't been stretching and I can feel a difference in my legs when I don't stretch.  Even after a short run I stretch.

Ice bath.  I only do this after long runs (13+ miles) I fill the bath with cold water until it looks like it will just cover my legs.  Put on at least 2 layers on top - a warm sweatshirt is a must!  I make sure I have my phone - it provides a stop watch and entertainment.  I like to talk about how much my ice bath sucks cause it makes me feel better.  I get a warm drink then I slowly get in the bath.  After I'm in the water I dump at least 2 big bags of ice in the water with me and start my timer.  I usually go for 10 minutes.  The first 3 are the worst then I'm so numb the rest goes by faster.  I can honestly feel the swelling going out of my hip and knee joints.  It's the worst kind of pain but has awesome results.  Then I hurry and drain it and take a hot shower.

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