Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winter Running Gear

It was 22 degrees this morning when I left my house for a 5 mile run.  Brrrrrrrrr. I run outside as much as I can in the winter because I really don't love treadmill running. is some info on how I dress to stay warm while running in freezing temperatures.

On today's run I wore a long sleeve shirt and a fleece jacket on top.  My Adidas supernova fleece lined running tights with extra warm running gloves (they have a cool wind breaker mitten that goes over the glove) and a hat. It took a few miles before my legs warmed up. It might have been a little warmer with a tank under my long sleeved shirt or maybe a more fitted shirt so my tummy wouldn't have been so cold.  The hard part with too many layers is that I feel constricted and if I sweat too much then I get even colder.

Here are my guidelines for what I wear at what temperatures. 

55 degrees - this is tank top & shorts weather for me!!  The sweet spot for me is actually 53 degrees (perhaps I'm a bit OCD to know this is my exact favorite temperature for running).  

45-55 - capri's with a tank and sleeves.  I love my sleeves!!  Sometimes I'll throw on my fun stretchy gloves if it's closer to 45 degrees as well.  I also like to wear a bandana to cover the top of my ears.

35 - 45 - light running tights or even my capri's if the sun is out and a long sleeve shirt with my very favorite stretchy gloves.  And to keep my head warm a headband that completely covers my ears.

30-35 - cold weather running tights a short sleeve shirt and long sleeve shirt.  A headband for my ears and stretchy gloves.  Sometimes instead of tights I will wear bike shorts with a loose running pant.  

20-30 - long sleeves with a running jacket and either my fleece lined pants or capris with my loose pants over them to keep my quads and buns warm.  A warm hat is a must at this temperature as well as warmer gloves.  I hate it when my fingers never warm up on a run. I usually wear my smart wool socks when it's this cold out to keep my toes warm too.  

I hate running if it's under 18 degrees.  I don't remember why but at some point we decided that was our low point for running outside and if it's that cold it's treadmill time.  I have run in single digits a few times but that was only for races never just to go run. 

The Earn Your Turkey Run 2010
It was 7 degrees when I ran and when my kids ran it was 12 degrees!!! 
I love that Sophie is wearing her snow boots!

What a cold cold morning this run was too! 
I don't remember the temp but we all had frost on our eyelashes

Just a note:  I run a bit hot and some of the girls I run with are always 1 layer more than me.


  1. Thanks Kathy! My goal this year is to keep running through the winter as long as I can. Now to invest in some winter running clothes...

  2. Summer is the time where you really don’t need to worry much about what you are wearing for your workout sessions but in winters you always need to take care of what you are wearing and that is why I buy my every single workout gear online from a trusted store.