Thursday, November 3, 2011

Weight Maintenance Tips

While waiting for my massage the other day I was reading an article on weight loss in a readers digest magazine that I thought had some good stuff.  Here are the points it had for maintaining your weight once you've lost it.

  • Eat breakfast.
  • Eat a calorie-aware, moderately low-fat diet that includes complex carbs.
  • Get plenty of exercise at moderate intensity. Walk!
  • Self-monitor through frequent weigh-ins and a food and exercise diary.
So how do I do in these areas?  

Well I usually have a high-protein shake everyday for breakfast.  Check.  I think I eat pretty calorie-aware but I don't always eat complex carbs - I love pasta so much!  I definitely get plenty of exercise but I don't walk I prefer to run or ride.  I self-monitor by weighing myself a few times a week and making sure that I only vary by a few pounds at all times.  I am also a bit OCD about my exercise "diary".  Between my blog and the running app I have on my iPhone I know the miles I run and the workouts I do.  I'm not great at tracking my food in a diary unless I'm trying to lose weight.

Do you do these things or have other great tips for maintaining your weight?

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