Friday, November 18, 2011

Long Runs & High Heels

I ran 15 miles this morning (I meant to run 14 but miscalculated and ended up going longer....dang it).  Changing the long run to a Friday instead of a Saturday was a great idea!  It's nice to have it finished and it was a warm beautiful morning.  And the sun coming up behind the mountains was absolutely breathtaking today. 

However, the bad part of doing my long run today is that I have a big presentation at work this morning so I had to wear my "fancy" work clothes so I had to wear nylons and heels.  My feet hurt soooo bad in these darn shoes.  I know that fashion is pain but mixing painful shoes with extra tender feet is just torture!  

Over the past few years I've had lots of back & hip problems so I rarely wear heels. I love that with the styles today I can still look cute and fashionable in comfy flats.  But not today - I just can't wear flats with this suit.  Oh well If I can run 15 miles I can last a few hours in heels :)

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