Saturday, November 12, 2011

Digging Deep

Today I did a 12 mile run.  I had such a bad run today.  I know we all have them and I don't want to dwell on the fact that I just didn't love my run and felt slow and crappy the entire time.  I should be happy that I ran 12 miles this morning...but I'm not yet.  

I had to dig so deep to keep up with the girls on the run today and just to finish in general.  I trailed behind them for most of the run today and no matter what I did just wasn't fast enough to keep up.  Last night at 4:00 am I was woken up to clean up throw up by a sick kid and couldn't sleep much after that.  Then today it was low 40's and rainy the entire run.  I couldn't wrap my head around buckling down and going for it.  

I need to remind myself that I did it and even with stopping at red lights and a few very big hills I was still at a decent pace.  It's ok to have a bad's ok to have a bad's ok to have a bad run.  I think I'll keep chanting that until my next run!   

Here are a few quotes I found today that motivate me to keep on going.

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