Monday, November 14, 2011

The Running Community

This morning when I was driving to drop off the girls at the babysitters I saw a girl running so of course I craned my neck to check if I knew her.  Then right after that I had to pick up the hubby from dropping off one of our cars at the shop and on the way home there was another girl running and he said "do you know her?"  After I told him no he said "in weather this crappy only people like you run so I figured you probably knew her."

So classic that because I run I think I just might know everyone else running close to my house.  Sadly, I didn't know either of the awesome gals I saw out running this morning.  I bet I'd like them though.  I do recognize people around all the time from the gym or the trail.  I don't really "know" them but I see them often enough I feel like I can say hello.  And last weekend I was shopping and the girl behind me had on a Ragnar Vegas sweatshirt so I thought it was completely normal to just strike up a conversation with her about the race and how she liked it and has she done the Wasatch Back one, how does it compare, etc. Hopefully she didn't think I was some crazy lady.  I love the running community!

Today's workout:  5 mile easy run (although it is never easy to get up on Monday morning and go outside and run on a cold dark morning)

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