Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Utah Mountains

I live in such a beautiful place.  I love the mountains that surround me and I really love running in them.  We do lots of runs on the paved trails and roads in the canyons but last weekend I got out and did 2 great mountain runs.

On Saturday we did an "adventure run" to prepare for Ragnar.  3 of my awesome Housewives of the UC teammates and I drove up Southfork canyon and did a 4 mile trail run.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  After our trail loop we met 3 more teammates and did another 8 miles down the canyon to finish off.  I did 13.5 miles total and absolutely loved it!

Traci, Tracy, Gretchen and I

Traci cruising down the trail in a gorgeous field

Traci, Me and Gretchen

Then yesterday since it was Memorial day and there was no school or work we decided to get some serious hill work in.  We ran from the bottom of Squaw Peak up to the top then back down again.  It was just over 4.3 miles to the top and we climbed 1755 feet.  The hill is relentless and there are no rollers.  I drove up the mountain on Sunday with my man and 2 of the kiddos so I dropped off some waters and gatorades.  I really didn't want to carry hydration.  We stopped at mile 2.1 to drink but other than that ran every step of the way - no walking.  I did this run a few times 4 years ago and walked about half of the time.  I am so very excited that I was able to run the whole time!!  My poor legs are total jello from the steep incline and decline.  Going down was just as hard as going up because of the pounding.
Me, Gretchen, Kami and Traci

And just to make sure you don't think I always look like I just rolled out of bed here is a picture I took at the top when we drove it.  It was VERY windy.
My girls with Todd & I

Today I taught spin and rode my bike for an extra 45 minutes after.

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