Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Bad Workout

Today I had a bad workout.  Every so often a workout pisses me off and I just can't get myself mentally over it.  This morning was one of those days for me.  This morning started off with teaching my spin class then I hurried to the 360 fit class.  Today's WOD was 5 wall walks, 10 cleans, 15 pull-ups and 20 double unders.  10 rounds with a 40 minute cut off.  

I normally use 25 lb dumbbells for my weights but today there weren't any left so I grabbed 30 lbs.  The difference between 25 and 30 was just too much for me mentally today and by the middle of my first round of cleans I was ready to quit and holding back tears of frustration.  More than once I dropped the weights and didn't want to pick them up again. I was mad at myself for feeling like that and even more mad at myself for not being able to just buck up and do it.  But I didn't quit. I just kept on going for the entire 40 minutes.  I finished 4 full rounds and part of a 5th.  

Usually when I finish a hard workout I feel satisfaction in what I made myself do and know it is making me stronger.  Today that wasn't the case.  I was still upset and couldn't get over it.  Lucky for me I have the best workout partner in the world and she knows me well enough to know just how crazy in the head I am and sent me a text with this image that said "And this morning, you didn't!"

I'm over it now and back in my happy world. Another day brings another chance for a great workout.

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