Friday, May 31, 2013

Triple Run

Yesterday was a triple run day on the training -  5/5/5 and it was the last day of school so scheduling was a bit of a nightmare for people. I only managed to get a picture on 1 out of 3....not bad! For our 6:00 am run there were 5 of us.  Then our 4:30 pm run there were 6 of us and our last run at 9:30 pm there were 5 again but I had something hold me up and didn't even start running until after 10:00 so it ended up being a group of 3 and then just 2 of us.  The funny part is that each of my runs my pace got faster instead of slower.  Part of it was the fact that I was tired and it was dark and we just wanted to be done by the end.

One thing I love about Ragnar training is how varied the training is.  It's a great combination of hills, running different times of the day, long runs and multiple runs in a day.  I love how it challenges my body and that it keeps me on my toes with what's next.  And most of all I love that my team has fun training together.  I really do have a pretty awesome group of running friends.

Yesterday I was reading online and I found this article: Run your best doubles in Runners World. Talk about some crazy doubles training.  I am very interested in how it relates to marathon training.  This is what the article says about that.

Add Doubles to 26.2 Training Another version of the double has marathoners combining two long sessions on a single day, building endurance without incurring the fatigue of a single long marathon-pace run—what Ryan Hall's new coach, Renato Canova, calls "special blocks." For an elite marathoner, the morning session might include six miles at half-marathon pace, and the afternoon session would be 5 x 2000 meters at 10-K pace. As you get stronger, add an extended warmup of up to seven miles before each session. Do it once a month during your marathon buildup, in place of that week's long run.

Interesting.  I think I'll try it with my St George training.  But I'm not marathon training right now I'm Ragnar training so I'll stay focused :)

Today's workout:  Rest before my 18 mile long run tomorrow

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