Friday, May 24, 2013

The partner workout

I am way behind on posting.  Let's see what have I been up to.....I've done a few more night runs, a triple run day, several hill repeats, some long runs and a whole lot of 360 fit.  I am so ready for school to be out for the kids so I have more time for my workouts in the mornings.  It's just hard to fit it all in some days. 

The other day we did a partner WOD - everything was sets of 90 until the last thing which was 180 ball slams. We had just finished doing way too many burpees and I started doing the ball slams.  Traci was laying on the ground thinking we were finished right when I slammed the ball down by her head.  It shocked her then depressed her thinking that we weren't finished.  We were cracking up.  I like partner workouts because we can cheer each other on and being T's partner is the best since we are so similar with our workout strengths and speed. 


Oh and by the way.....I have started doing a few "boy" push-ups during the workouts now.  I can't do the whole thing but it's fun to at least do some of them.

Today I did 5 miles on the treadmill and crossfit.  Tomorrow we are doing a trail run as part of our long run.  I am for sure bringing my phone to get some pictures. 

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