Wednesday, May 29, 2013


For the last couple of weeks my shoulder and neck have been really tight then last Friday after a tough upper body workout it was too much and I knew I hurt it.  Luckily my mom is a Chiropractor and lives a few blocks away.  My mom checked it out to find out what was causing the pain. I have an Avultion fracture on the top inside of my shoulder.  It doesn't hurt very much when I'm using the muscles but it KILLS when I roll onto my shoulder in my sleep or put my arm above my head to get dressed. So I've had ultra sound, electric stem, massage and acupuncture done to it.  And she made me promise to rest it for a solid week - which is enough to make me go crazy.  I can still run and spin I just can't do my crossfit classes this week.   But after 5 days of rest I already feel so much better and I am hopeful that in another 5 days I'll be as good as new.  I look ridiculous with this red sports tape but it helps a lot so it's worth the fashion faux pas.

Just getting some acupuncture done - see those little needles???

Today's workout:  tempo run - 10 miles total with 4 at an 8:13 pace.

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