Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 1 of official training

Today I did speedwork. It's been a few years since I've done it and it felt great. I am using a program from Smart Coach on to train for the marathon. It's not a typical 12 week program you start to get ready for a race. It just starts you as soon as you go online and you train from start until your race no matter how long. The sooner you start the faster & stronger you are for the race. I put in my age, gender, typical weekly miles, how hard I want to work and past marathon time (you can use any distance) and it spit out one heck of a plan for me.

Today's workout was 4 miles. Warm up for a mile then 1600 meters at 7:53 pace two times with 800 meter recovery. Rather than try to pace it using my garmin I met the girls at the gym and we did it on the treadmill. I actually loved doing intervals on the treadmill. I am a treadmill hater normally but it helped me set and maintain my pace without thinking about it. Plus I could do my quick 25 minute strength training workout right after and still get home in time to get the kids off for school.

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