Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I heart fall

Since yesterday was Labor day I didn't have to work so we decided to do our run in the canyon.  The leaves are starting to change and I love running South Fork canyon in the fall.  I didn't realize just how cool it would be and it took me a couple of miles to get warm since I only wore a tank.  

The canyon did not disappoint.  It makes me happy to look up and see the sun coming over the mountains and all the colors in the trees.  I ran 9 miles down the canyon then walked an extra mile.  I love the cool crisp air.  Fall is definitely my favorite season for running!!  

Today I taught spin and lifted.  For spin I did my "add-on" class.  

1 - active recovery
2 - fast flat
3 - hill sprint
4 - high tension (seated)
5 - isolations
6 - hill sprint
7 - standing run
8 - fast flat
9 - high tension
10 - jumps

You do each one for 1 minute starting with 1-5 then each time you add one on.  Until you are going 10 minutes straight.  It goes by fast and is a great workout.  It's easy to wrap your head around 1 minute at a time and I can really push myself when I'm only going for 1 minute even though you don't really get any breaks.

What is your favorite time of the year to run and why?

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